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Product series

SkinPlan is designed to treat 27 different conditions on the skin wether it’s dry, sensitive, irritated, eczema, acne and several combinationst. For example if you have both dry and oily skin at the same time. SkinPlan works as anti-ageing aswell. The range consists of skin-care products with cleansing, toner, serum, capsules, creams and masks.


SkinPlans active ingredients are of medical quality and listed in the European Pharmacopoeia. This means that the products have a high standard required of companies that manufacture medical products. SkinPlan have sought the same unique high class on its line of skin care products. The production also takes place in a factory which is ISO-certified for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Skinplan Erbjudande 1

A few words from Martina Richter, Founder and CEO

An idea often comes when you yourself are experiencing a problem. With me a dissatisfaction grew along the years when I sought expert advice for my skin and could not find help anywhere. My skin was problematic in adolescence; I had pimples, it was dry, could flake off and became sensitive. In time I also wanted to prevent getting wrinkles.

My family in Germany had production and global sales of natural medicine and I trained there. Later, I started working in the advertising industry. Customers were large international groups from the beauty industry. But behind the scenes, I noticed that something was wrong with the product content and all their fantastic claims.

After several years, I got a good foundation and expertise in aesthetic and skin care industry. Together with selected specialists whom I learned to appreciate over the years, I developed SkinPlan wich today is the third generation, 3G in skin care.

Martina Richter

Skinplan Martina


At The SkinPlan Institute we go through Phase 0 and Phase 1 studies for new products and constantly check our current series. We also welcome anyone who wants to get advice on their skin, do a skin analysis, or have questions.

We carry Skin Plans skin analyser with the measuring instrument SkinPlan Analyses 302 which measures the moisture and sebum and SkinPlans Visio Face photographic skin analysis of the number of pores and their size, UV damage, wrinkles and folds as well as the depth and length of these dark spots and 3D modeling of parts of the face.

You get accurate photos that can be compared with previous images. Position and lighting are exactly the same as in previous analyzes, the comparisons and results of various treatments are easy to demonstrate and prove visually. You can compare up to four different occasions while in a window. Everything is connected to a computer, the report is printed onto a PDF file that can be emailed and saved.

SkinPlan shows exactly which products the patient should use during and after treatment. SkinPlan products are absolutely top class and you get exactly what your skin needs.